Windsor chess star heads to the World Youth Chess Championships –

How do you say ‘checkmate’ in Greek? Rohan Talukdar is hoping to find out.

The local chess star is competing in his fourth World Youth Chess Championship in Greece after winning the national title this summer.

Rohan Talukdar said even though he is no stranger to the international chess stage, he has high hopes for this year’s competition. The 15-year-old is aiming for a top three spot at the world chess championship.

“I am just looking forward to trying to play my best,” Talukdar said, noting he has never medalled at the world competition before.

Talukdar said he practices about three or four hours every single day and competes in about two competitions a month to stay on top of his game.

“Chess is a very creative game that requires lots of problem solving and you have to basically think against your opponent … That’s what I like about it.”

The chess star practices up to four hours every single day. Shown in this picture is Talukdar reviewing his chess game from a previous tournament. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Talukdar said it was his mother that inspired him to get into chess. When he was young, he would sit on her lap while she played chess online and at the age of four he was making strategic moves on his own.

“From a young age my parents supported me with chess … without their dedication, I don’t think I would ever be able to reach this rank”

Talukdar said he is hoping his career in chess will allow him to get a scholarship to a school where he can practice medicine.

The World Youth Chess Championship takes place Oct. 19 in Greece. 

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