Will millennials ever be interested in horse racing? Preakness organizers take that bet – Baltimore Sun (blog)

Despite the horses galloping with all their might just yards away, Preakness InfieldFest veteran Trevor Thomas was met with a mix of surprise and indifference each time he reminded friends that there were races throughout the day.

“Most of them have no idea there’s even additional races,” the 24-year-old Federal Hill resident said of partiers at the second leg of the Triple Crown. “I don’t know a single friend who enjoys horse races.”

In recent years, the Preakness Infield at Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Course has felt like a standalone concert and all-day drinking party for millennials, curiously placed next to one of the biggest horse races in the world. Even before it became a mini-music festival, the Infield was a debaucherous, bring-your-own-alcohol free-for-all, where more attention was paid to people running across the roofs of Port-a-Potties than to the horses storming down the home stretch.

But entering its 10th year on Saturday, InfieldFest will see major changes designed to bridge that generational gap. In an attempt to turn concertgoers into horseracing fans, the owners of Pimlico are creating more viewing areas with better vantage points of the races, along with easier-to-find Infield betting lounges, where ambassadors will break down how to place a wager in simple terms.

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