The NFL fined Ezekiel Elliott for his latest Salvation Army celebration. He’s not happy. – The Washington Post

For Ezekiel Elliott, tis the season of giving. On Thanksgiving Day, he gave the Dallas Cowboys 121 rushing yards and a touchdown. But for good measure, he donated $21 to the famed Salvation Army kettle at AT&T Stadium after his 16-yard scoring scamper.

The NFL decided this weekend that Elliott should give some more – $13,369 to be exact. This time, Elliott’s not in the giving mood.

The third-year running back was surprised by the penalty levied against him for that celebration and is appealing the fine.

“I mean I didn’t really expect a fine, really don’t care about the fine,” Elliott told reporters Wednesday. “It’s all for a good cause and we’re trying to bring awareness to the Salvation Army, and if the NFL doesn’t like that, then, I mean, that’s on them. I’ll pay their little fine.”

Elliott also dropped quarterback Dak Prescott in the kettle after the latter scored his own touchdown against the Redskins. The NFL claimed Elliott’s actions were “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

After the game, Elliott wasn’t exactly pleased with how the NFL is choosing to regulate certain celebrations.

“A lot of things they do define ridiculous. but that’s not really any of my business, not anything I can change,” he said. “So I’m just going to keep being focused on this season, focused on leading this team, focused on going out there and winning ballgames.”

The Thanksgiving Day antics were Elliott’s first involving the famous red kettle. In 2016, Elliott celebrated a touchdown by jumping into the kettle himself. He was given a warning by the league and then chose to donate $21,000 to the Salvation Army.

Elliott added Wednesday that he believes the NFL should donate his fine to the Salvation Army.

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