Local women cycling for a good cause

A local woman is trying to reach a goal in support of cancer research.

Tracy Kakuk started spin cycling at the Badlands Community Facility in correlation to the Great Cycle Challenge.  The challenge is to ride 250 km worth of cycling for the month of June and fundraising to reach her goal of $1,500.

“My niece passed away at five and a half months old to brain cancer,” Kakuk informed. “So I’m doing it in honor of her.”

Kakuk has ridden a total of 105 kms so far and is ranked nationally as 7th on Great Cycle Challenge’s website.

“I’ve got the month of June to fulfill my 250kms. If I can get my 250, I will keep going for the month of June. It’s not about the 250,” said Kakuk. “It’s just going until I can go no more kind of thing. So June 30 is my deadline and however many kilometres I have over 250, then that’s good.”

Kakuk, at the writing of this article, is sitting at $1,235. $265 away from her goal.

“You don’t have to actually participate and do the things(like cycling) but your donations DO go a long way,” Kakuk concluded.

You can find Tracy’s Great Cycle Challenge page at this link.

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